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New year review

 The latest new 30lb

The latest new 30lb

New year review

What a great year Furzebray Lakes has had now with three lakes there is more opportunity for anglers to visit our fishery. Both Willow and the new Copse lake have proved popular this past year and with the fish growing fast andwe are sure that they will  not take very many years to equal the Island Lake.

In July we closed the lakes for the weekend for Tony and Tina's wedding and a great day was had by all, Island Lake had some massive lumps in there at midnight I think that a few of Tony's angling friends wanted to find out more abought the lakes features!!!!!

Island Lake has surpassed all expectations in 2017 with two more 40lb carp recorded and another Black Spot knocking right on the door and we are sure that next time it is caught will be over 40lb, as for 30lb + carp the number keeps going up 15 to 20 now with the latest just last week see pic of probably one of the best marked fish we have.

Through the late summer we started asking anglers to hold any fish under 10lb from Willow and Island lakes and we moved them to our stock ponds, which have now been drained and the fish moved on only keeping back the very best  to grow on. This will continue into 2018 rather than putting the big carp under the pressure of netting.

Our holiday lets have gone well over the year with more anglers taking the opportunity to bring the wives and partners on holiday and get some carp fishing in as well.

The gardens here have look spectacular this last year with continued improvements on-going.

We hope that all our visitors and anglers had a great year and we will see many PB in 2018


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