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Furzebray Carp Lakes at Sunset

Furzebray Lakes Best Tactics

It will vary from day to day but as a general rule when it's wet & windy larger amounts of bait will work well, hot and sunny small PVA bags & floaters small amounts of bait. Boilies always seem to catch the bigger fish, so I would recommend most good freezer baits & Furzebrays own Boilies. All good neat rigs will catch at Furzebray, just make sure your hooks are new and sharp and the bait is presented well and you will be in with a chance of a fish of your dreams. Don't forget the Perch they can be fun whilst waiting for that big carp. I will be more than happy to look at anyone's rigs and advise where needs please just ask. And lastly keep it quiet the carp are easily spooked don't drive the fish away for someone else to catch.. Regards Tony.