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Furzebray Carp Lakes at Sunset

Update for 2024 the Latest News from Furzebray Carp Lakes

Dropscale at 50lb10oz

Well we have come a long way since we first stocked in 2008  we now go into 2024 with a new record for Furzebray Dropscale at 50lb 10oz

Since we de-silted Island lake the carp have put on great growth with all the silvers taken out, now to see what happens in Willow which was netted this winter and a large haul of silvers where removed.

Copse Zip 28.8lb

2021 Update.

Furzebray Lakes  complex is going over to exclusive bookings only for next year on all lakes.


2018 had some challenges with the dry summer with Copse lake having to be shut for nearly four months due to lack of water but the fish all survived and appear to have enjoyed the weather  packing on the pounds, all up and running again now.Willow lake suffered a bit with low water but was fishable with reduced number of anglers, the Island lake held up well with only a smal

26+Willow Carp

Is has been a long winter and spring still seems to be a long way off hopfully April will be better

If it was not snow and ice it was gales and rain and a few bivies got blown away, but there are some tough anglers out there and some good carp landed.

 The latest new 30lb

What a great year Furzebray Lakes has had now with three lakes there is more opportunity for anglers to visit our fishery. Both Willow and the new Copse lake have proved popular this past year and with the fish growing fast andwe are sure that they will  not take very many years to equal the Island Lake.


Its been a while since I wrote a report but what a great end to the summer three 40lb carp at Furzebray Lakes, Tony got Married had a marque on the lawns such a great day and the sun shone even ended up with 12 great chunks trying to be carp in the lake at midnight.

Copse-31.04 Mirror

It has been a busy spring here at Furzebray getting Copse Lake up and running and the build of a new toilet in the Willow and Copse car park. Copse opened at he end of March and has been popular with anglers, both the 30lb fish have been out.


Well it has been really good season with many anglers catching their PB on Island Lake, The fishing went a little quiet in the lovely autumn weather but it picked up again as the weather changed, the colors in the trees and gardens has been splendid this year making an trip worth it, Over sixty pictures of the Carp in Island Lake are viewable on the Facebook page access from the home page.

Dropscale 36lb 12oz

Over is period we have seen the fish go totally mad up to spawning and then playing hard to get as the dry warm weather came in but some good fish have still been caught, and it is picking up again now as the low pressure and rain moves in,  Charlotte has been landed at just over 40lb this week spawned right out that is 2.5lb heavier than last year after spawn


It has been a very wet & mild time this winter and difficult to get out and do any ground work but we have managed some tree felling around Island Lake and the gardens, the paths around the lakes have held up well but will need a bit of work when it dry's up.

Furzebray's Clover 36.6lb

Autumn news report.

The Big Zip 25.2lb

The fishing has really kicked off this week with fish coming out all over the lake!! Charlotte has spawned out well this year and was banked at 38.8 but not all have spawned as Dan Coffey found out we he landed the mighty "Clover" at 35.06!! Well done mate. There has also been 5 29's banked including Star, Drop Scale, 3 Scales, and Angies common!! and plenty of 20's too.