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Spring Report 2017

Copse-31.04 Mirror

Copse-31.04 Mirror

Spring Report 2017

It has been a busy spring here at Furzebray getting Copse Lake up and running and the build of a new toilet in the Willow and Copse car park. Copse opened at he end of March and has been popular with anglers, both the 30lb fish have been out.

The Copse lake produced it's second 30+ in the shape of this stunning 31.04 Mirror for Paul and a new pb to boot well done indeed :)

Copse Lake!!!
The Copse has been fishing well  Barry Bellamy managed 4 cracking fish including 2 new 20's which have gained over 5lb each since their stocking from VS Fisheries 18 months ago. Phil Jewell smashed his PB landing the aptly named Phil's Fish from the Gate swim at 30.14 a nice birthday present im sure :) :)

Plenty of space on the Copse and willow over the coming weeks so please call if you wish to book up. Lots of fish now falling to our new fishmeal bait the Rock Lobster and Sticky Baits Krill, please let me know on arrival if you require any bait as we have good stocks of both at the moment in our shop.      Arron had a cracking session on there as well landing 9 fish in total between 5lb and a lake record at 31.08 well done mate

Iain McCulloch had a great 24h on Willow landing 5 fish to 18lb+  the fish continue to feed well on willow with lots of anglers enjoying good sport We are still weighting for somebody to bank the Willow 30lb carp  

Some cracking fish out of the Island lake  biggest of the bunch Clover at 36+ and Sovereign 34+  Blackspot at 37.12 and Peanut at 33+ Charlotte was out earlier at 45.4

All three lakes have been closed this last week as they came on to spawn 8th May this is early but they spawned for two three days well see the video on Facebook  so we hope they have got most of it over and done with!!!

The gardens are looking great at the moment and the bookings on the lodges are going well some dates still  available in the autumn.

Copse Lake has aprox 2x 30lb carp 8/10x  20lb carp & 30x 10/19lb carp 15x singles  around 50 total

Willow Lake  has aprox 1x 30lb  15/20x 20lb carp & 100x  10/19lb carp   around 150 total

Island Lake has aprox 1x40lb  12x 30lb and 70/80x 20lb carp just a few singles coming through   around 110 total

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