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Furzebray Carp Lakes at Sunset

Willow Pool

Willow Pool was dug in 2011 and is stocked with 150 carp up to 34lb+. There is two islands and several underwater bars which you can fish to from 6 swims which are well spaced around this 2 acre lake. Although this is a young lake it is maturing nicely as are the fish which are growing fast, we are sure it won't be long until this lake boast a stock like the island Lake...

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Carpark Corner

You can unload strait from the car to this swim which is in the shallow end of the lake, a great spot for spring and summer fishing. The water varies from 18" to 4ft and there is an island and reed lined margins to fish to.

The Dugout

This swim is also at the shallow end of the lake and is set back in the trees offer a nice bit of shade, the island is a short cast and the inlet is to the left which is a constant attraction for the fish..

The Pen

This is a larger swim that can take two anglers, there is a small island to fish to and a far reed lined margin, the water varies from 3ft to 5ft in this spot and is an area that always hold a few fish.

The Quarry

The old shale quarry was in front of this swim now filled in it still bubbles gasses which are often mistaken for fish... There is a great margin to fish from this swim which produces a lot of fish also the water of the far bank drops to 12ft so a lot of options for the angler to place his baits..

The Social

This is a double swim with the Plateaux so a great choice for two anglers if it free. this swim commands a large part of the lake with far bank margins and the end of the plateaux the hot spots, the water varies from 18' on the far bank to 12ft at the bottom of the dam.

The Plateaux

This is a double swim with the Socail so a great choice for two anglers if it free. this swim commands a large part of the lake with far bank margins, plataeux and the close by island the hot spots to tempt a fish, again the water varies from 18" around the edges to 12ft off the dam.